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Artists Past and Present:

Sandro Cianni (1960)



Sandro Cianni, born in Montefiore dell'Aso on 18th August 1960, has been actively involved in the National Art Life for over 20 years and has participated in national competitions and important artistic events, gaining various artistic awards.

After several painting courses and personal experiments of new pictorial techniques he achieved his artistic personality and a singular interpretation of contemporary art, debuting in 1996 with his first solo at the Chiesa San Francesco di Montefiore dell'Aso.

In recognition of his artistic merits, in 2012 he was invited by the Artistic Director for the Drapp of Acquaviva Picena, Saverio Magno, to arrange the Drappo for the Duke of Palio of Acquaviva Picena (AP).


In 2014 he was invited by the artist Saverio MAGNO, as a collaborator of M. stro Ottaviani, at the First Biennial of Art in Durres (Albania); in 2015 he was invited to the First International Biennial of Art of Castles Gera d'Adda, invited to paint the Drappo for the Palio del Barone in Tortoreto (TE) and invited to Castorano to play one of the 10 films of Pierpaolo Pasolini.

The painting of Sandro Cianni is born from the emotional wave of human and social commitment that punches and seeks visibility.

Thus the first reports of denunciation, the strong surreal symbolic cut, are born, where the artist of Montefiore masks the contradictions of a society incapable of grasping the inviolable value of man as a person.

So Cianni approaches the never-painted landscape of the earth, inspires juices and scents, delights the hidden flavours. With a lighter and more elegant sign that uses the oil, it captures paint on the carcasses of a patient nature and is always ready to replenish. Silent fields, remote homes, dried sunflowers are actually the end of a stag season, digging the seeds of the new one. Among the various art exhibits of particular importance are:

2000 Personale Montalto Marche;

2008 due pittori parlano di Montefalcone Appennino (Palazzo Comunale);

2011 Collettiva Palazzina Azzurra S. Benedetto del Tronto;

2015 Biennale Internazionale d'arte del dialogo Spoleto;

2016 Castorano 10 pittori interpretano 10 film di Federico Fellini;

2016 Collettiva Torte Vecchia Teatina - Palazzo Ducale- curata da Massimo Pasqualone;

2016 Collettiva Tollo Eno museo curata da Massimo Pasqualone;


Resident in Via Gentile da Montefiore n.23 - Studio: Via Gentile da Montefiore n.23

Tel: 0734 938659

Mobile: 339 1250654



Works permanently at the ECLECTIC gallery of Spoleto.

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