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Artists Past and Present:

Gianni Virgili (1942)

Gianni Virgili is a successful painter currently living and working in Le Marche. He was born in Montefiore dell’Aso in 1942, and studied art in Fermo and Florence. He has taught in the Arts Liceo in Porto San Giorgio, at the Institute of Art in Ascoli Piceno and the Institute of Art in Fermo.
He currently lives in Porto San Giorgio and works in Fermo. He has had many exhibitions of his paintings both as an individual and in collective exhibitions, as well as having won many prestigious awards and much personal acclaim for his work.
His works feature in many private collections in Italy, but also in England, Germany, Austria, Australia and the United States.
His paintings present us with the opportunity to enjoy the finished product, but also offer an invitation to share in the joys and profound feelings that he experienced during the creation of the works.


He uses dazzling colours which are often deliberately strident and unnatural, but the paintings are essentially representational, with a strong use of light. He often paints lush, dazzling landscapes typical of the Marche region, as well as still lifes with sensual lines and rich colours. He uses strong, broad, textured brush strokes, expressing strong feelings and passion, which convey the fundamental message of his paintings.

Click here for a video of Gianni Virgili's Le Marche landscape paintings

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