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Artists Past and Present:

Lina Yevtushenko (1977)




Born in 1977 in Ukraine, Lina went through art school and then the College of art in Sevastopol. In June 2006, Lina completed her Diploma in Graphics and Painting at the University of Odessa (Ukraine), with the highest scores and cum laude.


A Special Award Scholarship allowed her to attend a year at the Warsaw Academy of Art (1995 - 1996) where she could develop her capacity in impressionism style, mosaics (paper, needle), graphics (printed and handmade using ink, tempera and oil), batiks and illustrations on pastel.


While attending the Faculty of Graphics and Painting at the University of Odessa (2001 - 2006), Lina was invited to participate in several permanent and personal exhibitions in Ukraine. In August 2005, she took part in the 42nd International Plastic Art Colony in Strumica, Macedonia, where she could free her creative talent not only on paintings, but also in a contemporary mosaic studio of Maestro Gazanfer Bayram. From this point on, Lina would work mainly with golden tesseras, Venetian smalts and marbles.


In 2005, Lina joined the Cooperativa Mosaicisti di Ravenna (today Gruppo Mosaicisti di Ravenna) one of the oldest and most prestigious mosaic art workshops of Italy, where she specialized in Roman, Byzantine and Contemporary Mosaic techniques, taking part in several courses under the supervision of Maestro Marco Santi.

From 2006 to today, Lina has completed several mosaic art works and diverse projects for private collections (in Kiev, Lisbon, Italy, Belgium and Sevastopol) and delivered many training sessions and courses on mosaic techniques. During this time, she has continued to paint on canvas, draw graphics and complete book illustrations. Her mosaic art techniques have been videoed for a didactical DVD produced by the International Centre for Mosaic Documentation and distributed by MAR (Museo d’Arte di Ravenna). Her interior design mosaic works have been published in ART Ukraine and ID in 2010.


While based in Kiev, Lina spent a few months in Damascus (Syria) where she took part in the restoration of roman mosaics in the framework of an international cooperation project funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2011, she worked with Maestro Marco Santi in Ukraine, where they restored a roman-byzantine mosaic in the National Preserve of Chersoneses of Sevastopol and delivered a presentation on state-of-art mosaic restoration to the Scientific Council of the National Preserve of St. Sofia Kievska.


While collaborating with the Ukrainian Amber company, she introduced her know how in mosaic execution and took part in the Art Monaco fair (2014) with the big amber carpet. She enjoys giving private lessons in mosaics to both private individuals and children in schools.
Her artistic works can be found in the Marche region of Italy ('Urban project for the community', 'The Table With the Fruit'), in Kiev ('The beauty salon Modi’ and private monumental mosaics in the interiors; Paradise project) and artistic works in private collections.


Every year Lina participates in the international conference in Faenza (Italy) as a speaker dedicated to artistic mosaic, restorations, professional development and collaborations.
Lina takes inspiration from learning about symbols, decorative arts, listening the conferences and audiobooks, and playing piano.

2009 - Restoration of antique roman mosaic in Syria. 
2010 - Restoration of antique byzantine mosaic in Krymea, Chersonesus, Gruppo Mosaicisti di Ravenna.
2012 - The foundation of the mosaic school in Kiev ( Ukraine)
2013 - International conference in Faenza organized by ISTEC-CNR, AMBER Project. 
2014 - International conference in Faenza organized by ISTEC-CNR, private project PARADISO, mosaic.
2016 - International conference in Faenza organized by ISTEC-CNR, venue The Institute for Urban Design, Urban project “The Table with the Fruit” (mosaic sculpture on belvedere), for the region of Le Marche, Montefiore dell’Aso.
2017 - Collective art exhibition in Bologna, “ the mystery of ZED”, mosaic works.
2017 - MUSIWACAER, 21-24 November mosaicocalceramica, Antica Fornace Agresti-Impruneta (Florence), speaker , subject; “Symbols, reflections about it’s meaning today”, artistic works.
2018 -  POP UP, ‘SHINE’, Brussels.

All inquiries are welcome. Feel free to contact Lina Yevtushenko.

Mobile: 39 338 209 28 50

WhatsApp: 335 69 544 6704


Address: Palazzo Montani 20, Montefiore dell'Aso, 62063, Le Marche, Italy

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