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Artists Past and Present: Bert Jacobs


About Bert Jacobs - Passion for paint!


‘I express my creativity through painting and decoration. I am inspired by everything around me, whether it is a centuries old tale, a ballet, a beautiful environment, or just an object. Beautiful shapes move me and inspire me. Expression, excitement and colour are characteristics of my work.

I paint on wooden panels and use a spatula and acrylic paint. I can play freely with these materials. I can use pressure on the panel, the paint is colourfast, it adheres well and is quick-drying.


All this allows me to work quickly putting my ideas onto the panel. It makes me feel great, and when others get that same feeling from looking at my paintings, that feels great as well!


The paintings are very dynamic and have an expressive use of colour, but also have subtlety and delicate feeling. They are paintings created with passion that have a lot of expressiveness and a sense of composition.

I like to hear that my work stimulates the imagination of the viewer and that it invites exploration. It is very nice to hear what people see in a painting of mine, which may, of course, be very different from my vision as the artist.’


Born in Wageningen (NL), Bert Jacobs lived in the Netherlands, and trained as a Master Painter in Utrecht (NL). He has worked in the advertising industry, and now has an artist’s studio in Italy.

In his youth he took courses in Art and Painting at the Art Academy. Painting was always his preferred medium, and to improve his technique and expertise in a variety of mediums, he went to the National School of Painting in Utrecht (NSSU).


After leaving the painting school he wanted to go to the Art Academy, but he had to do his compulsory national military service. After that, financial necessity prevented him from returning to full time education.

During that period he won many contracts as a freelancer in interior (re)styling and decoration, designing shop windows, shop interiors and theatrical sets. Occasionally he also produced a painting. He remained in the decoration and advertising business for many years.

Since he settled in Montefiore dell’Aso he has had more spare time available. He enjoys Italian life immensely, and is creating again, in abundance!

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