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The origin of the name of this small, eliptical hill-top town is shrouded in mystery. Moresco means ‘Moorish’ but there is no evidence of a Moorish occupation. Many theories exist, but most probably the name comes from the Mori, a noble family in the region.


The fortress is at the heart of the town, and its striking heptagonal tower, with its Ghibelline battlements, stands out above the town, rising 25 metres into the blue sky. One of the most impressive features of the town is the Council Room, containing an altar piece by Vincenzo Pagani, who also painted the fresco under the portico of the main square.


Another interesting building is the church of Saint Sofia, which was converted into a small theatre called Lu Teatri, after the de-consecration of the church during the renaissance. Outside the town walls you can find  a curious Gothic shrine and church dedicated to the Madonna della Salute. This is also adorned with a fresco by Pagani. There is a modern flight of steps which enables the visitor to climb to a vantage point to get a panoramic view over the beautiful river valley, rolling hills and striking castle.

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