About Us:

Friends of Montefiore dell'Aso

The ‘Friends of Montefiore dell’Aso’ Association is a cultural, non-profit association established on the 25th of August 2015 by six founder members. All are independent, resident professionals who work on a voluntary basis to offer support and advice to the community.​

The main purpose of this association is to promote and strengthen the town’s cultural vitality as well as to preserve and improve the quality of the town’s architectural and artistic heritage.


The development of this community website results from our commitment to the preservation and restoration of our shared heritage and, equally importantly, the shared passion to genuinely want to make a difference.

Our Vision

Our goal is to establish a community-based, ethical portal in Le Marche to raise funds for the restoration and conservation of our local cultural heritage. Ultimately, we aspire to have our portal become a role model, inspiring nearby towns and villages to adopt and, where possible, forge collaborative working relationships between communities. Communities coming together for a common cause can make a real difference and enable our community portal to support the victims of earthquakes in Central Italy.

We firmly believe that this project represents a significant tool to preserve many small communities like Montefiore dell’Aso, keeping them alive and thriving, minimising the risk of our cultural heritage being further eroded by globalisation and urbanisation. 

Bringing Communities Together

One of our early success stories is the 'But First Coffee' Football tour of April 2016. It was a perfect opportunity for the young players (all 15/16 years old) to experience the hospitality, culture and language of a fellow European country. In contrast to London, Montefiore dell'Aso is a small town which is rich with architecture and vistas of Italy and where life is lived at a pace that's in great contrast to that of London's sprawling metropolis.


Nevertheless, the passion for football and cappuccino is just as fervent and the young British and Italians found they had much in common as they compared not only their differing football styles but also their mutual regard for pizza and ice cream! The memories of the trip will live long for all those who were there not only for the friendliness and generosity of our hosts but also for the smells, sights and colours of the locality and not forgetting, of course, the food!

Contributors to our Project


Hester Lott : Main researcher, writer and editor

Prof. Giuseppe Ottaviani

Marco Rotunno

Albert Hazelhoff

Alessandro Della Mora

Ing. Oronzo Mauro

Enzo Damiani

Settimio Virgili


Renzo Alesiani: Main photographer and owner of Foto Cesare

Mario Maroni (Employee of Town Council of Montefiore dell’Aso)

Luigi Alesi

Gianfranco de Carolis

Prof. Massimo Egidi

Ing. Oronzo Mauro

Andrea Pallottini

Luigi Simonetti : Manager of Habitual Tourist

Niccolo’ Montani

Lusi Malavolta

Gerardina Bellagamba

Alberto Fiorenzi

Stefano Ciocchetti

Massimo Beri

Giampaolo Valori

Andrea Valori

Mariachiara Conte

Gianfranco Marzetti

Andrea Speziali

Giulio Chiurchione

Cristina Cameli


Fiona Christianson : Web designer and content manager


...we have enjoyed countless summers, winters and Easter breaks in Montefiore.” 

—  L'Inglese di Montefiore, London

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The Football Tour, April 2016