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Local Services:

Tourist Guide - Marco Rotunno

Address: Via de Carolis, 9, 60323 Fermo

Tel: +393331159316


Skype: marcolino9681

LinkedIn: Marco Rotunno


☒ Qualified Tourist Guide

Director of MITI Museum (Fermo)

☒ Interpreter

☒ Translator

☒ Writer & Publisher

☒ Editor

☒ Online Italian Language Courses


For the visitor to Montefiore, Marco Rotunno is an important person to know! He is a director of the MITI (Museum of Technology and Industry) in Fermo.


Fluent in English, he is a mine of valuable information on the town and the region, and is a qualified tourist guide, offering a personalised service. He can tell you all you want to know about all the main tourist sites in the region, but also can show you little-known gems.


Among his other skills he is an experienced editor (particularly of travel guides), writer, and translator.

He specialises in property construction and purchase, working with a local architectural company in Fermo, and is expert in legal contracts and technical specifications.


He also teaches Italian, both in person and via skype, and specialises in high level Italian and Italian for business. So if you wish to brush up your Italian prior to your visit, or need an interpreter to assist you while you are here, he is the man to contact!



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