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Local Services:
Facility Management & Tourist Services - Silvia Grassetti


Contact: Silvia Grassetti

Address: Via Colbuccaro, 71 – 62014 Corridonia (MC

Tel: 379/1828778



☒ Facilities Management Tourist Services Property Market 

☒ Propertry Services Transport Travel Tour Operator 

☒ Bilingual (English/Italian) ☒ Exclusive spa experiences

☒ Health & Wellbeing Services


Expert in sourcing the best commercial deals, specifically about property market, starting with finding the most appropriate location and continuing with managing its renovation and maintainance.

Thanks to the partnership with Blenda Travel Tour Operator, based in Corridonia, you can reach and explore Le Marche: online ticket office, airport transfer, car rental, private car & Driver available, guided tours.

In addition we can provide the exclusive experience of Diamante Blu Spa Resort, on the most reserved and charming edge on the top of Colbuccaro Hill, looking out on the Chienti Valley. Diamante Blu offers in-water massages, and - in partnership with Caradel Polyclinic - beauty & aesthetic medicine treatments.

In each of these areas, we provide the solution more responsive to client’s need, avoiding waste of time, costs increasing and frustrations.

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