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Bio-Blu Lavender

Lavender Fields

Address: Contrada Marezi, 41 - Massignano (AP)

Contact: Nicoló Spinicchia (Owner/Manager)

Tel: +39 347 1477072

Email: ​



☒ Essential Oil

☒ Lavender Water

☒ Reed Diffuser

☒ Lavender Soap

Bio-Blu is a small organic farm (certified by “SUOLO e SALUTE”). Based in the hills of Massignano, we are just a few kilometers from the sea and even closer to Montefiore dell'Aso.


We focus on cultivating Lavender in close relationship with the land, traditions and the seasonal cycles of nature. In addition to lavender, aromatic and medicinal plants, ancient grains (Senatore Cappelli, Iervicella, Ceccarelli mixture) and vegetables are grown on our land in a way that respects nature and its delicate balance.

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