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Regional Museum:

The Carriage Museum


Macerata (Province of Macerata)

Directions from Montefiore dell'Aso to The Carriage Museum - 63.6km - 39.6mi (58 min)


This fascinating and emotive little museum is situated in Palazzo Buonaccorsi, Don Minzoni Street, Macerata.

It is housed in the old stables and carriage house of the noble family that owned the palace, so it is easy to imagine the scenes that would have been everyday occurrences, with horses coming and going and carriages being prepared for the family and visitors. It is fascinating for adults, explaining the development of carriage design and technology over the years, but it is particularly attractive to children, displaying a wide selection of extremely well preserved and renovated horse-drawn carriages of all sizes and types.


The collection began with six ‘sporty’ models of carriage, but many more have been added over the years, including some small gigs designed for children. There are also a selection of whips, saddles and bridles, and horse brasses.

There are many interactive stands with video displays, and lots of educational material for children. The carriages on display must not be touched, but at the end of the tour of the museum there is the opportunity of having a ‘virtual’ carriage ride in an accurately renovated coach interior. You can choose your route and press a button and away you go, with audio and video and even the movement of the coach replicated so you feel you are really travelling along a dusty road through Le Marche, 150 years ago. Children love it!

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Via Don Minzoni, 24, 62100 Macerata MC, Italy

Tel: +39 0733 256361

Opening hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - 10am–6pm

Wednesday - 10am–6pm

(All Saints' Day) - Hours might differ

Thursday - 10am–6pm

Friday - 10am–6pm

Saturday - 10am–6pm

Sunday - 10am–6pm



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